Model 475

Model 475 Closed Diaphragm Dispensing Valve

The Dymax Model 475 pneumatic, normally closed diaphragm valve is designed for use with low- to high-viscosity fluids such as light-curable adhesives, cyanoacrylates, and inks. The internal diaphragm design of the valve prevents fluid from contacting the actuating components within the valve while minimizing valve maintenance and production down-time. This feature of the valve makes it ideal for dispensing light-curing materials, solvent-based products, and reactive materials like cyanoacrylates and anaerobics. Accurate, repeatable dispensing can be achieved by utilizing the valves stroke adjustment to dial-in a desired shot volume.

While ideally suited for manual, semi-automated, and automated applications, the Model 475 diaphragm valve is also available in a wide variety of system packages paired with the Dymax DVC-345 bench-top valve controller and material reservoirs of various styles and sizes.

Model 475 System Packages


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