MD Medical Coating 1901 M

LED Light-Curable Coating for Medical Electronics

Designed for coating and sealing medical electronics circuitry, MD® 1901-M medical device coating is flexible and LED-curable. The product cures with UV/Visible light in seconds and features secondary heat-cure capability for applications where shadow areas exist. 1901-M is solvent-free, flame retardant, and also repairable. Typical applications include coating of medical microcircuits and sealing, as well as for use as a moisture barrier. Suitable for flexible and rigid substrates, the material also bonds glass, FR-4, metal, ceramic, and glass-filled epoxy. The product meets ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity approval.

Dymax adhesives are solvent-free and cure upon exposure to light. Their ability to cure in seconds enables faster processing, greater output, and lower processing costs. When cured with Dymax light-curing spot lamps, focused beam lamps, flood lamps, or conveyor systems they deliver optimum speed and performance for medical device assembly. Dymax lamps offer the optimum balance of UV and visible light for the fastest, deepest cures.

Dymax MD® 1901-M medical device coating is in full compliance with the RoHS Directives 2015/863/EU.


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