SD 200

Powered SD-200 Digital Syringe Dispenser

The SD-200 digital liquid dispenser is well suited for a wide variety of dispensing applications from microdot deposits to large potting and filling. It is suitable for all types of fluids and includes a suck-back feature to ensure low viscosity liquids do not drip from the dispense tip. 

This syringe dispenser is perfect for those who are new to dispensing equipment due to its simple design and ease of use. The SD-200 improves upon the previous version with upgraded features such as lighter weight and 2 meter power supply cable, all while at a convenient price point.
SD-200 System Components

  • SD-200 Digital Syringe Dispense Controller (includes hoses, fittings and dispense tips)
  • Adapter Assemblies 3,5, and 30/55 CC
  • Push to connect tube fitting ¼” stem OD x 5/32” tube OD with tubing
  • Power Adapter with attachments
  • Footswitch
  • Syringe stand
  • Tip Kits: high and low viscosity
  • Printed user manual