Máy sấy UV 6 Mark II

Máy sấy UV LightHammer® 6 Mark II

  LightHammer® 6 Mark II
  Lamp Type   Electrodeless UV
  Bulb Lenght   15 cm (6-inch)
  Extended Curing


  Unlimited cure wi  dth by stacking lamps end-to-end
  Bulb Type   H, D, V
  Start Up Time    15 seconds (cold start),

  instantaneous (warm start)1

  Reflector Geometry   Semi-elliptical
  Optimum Focus

  Distance to Sample

  5.3 cm (2.1 inches)
  Dichroic Reflectors   Optional
  Shutter   Electronic Shutter2

  Optional Mechanical

  Power Class   200 W/cm (500 W/inch)
  Power Level   Variable (35–100%)

  Quick Restart2

  External Control


  Standard Master/Slave;

  Optional DeviceNet™,

  Profibus®, Ethernet/IP™

  Cooling Blower   Integral or Remote
  Air Flow @

  Irradiator Inlet

  1.4 to 4.2 m3/min.;

  50 to 150 scfm1

  Lamp Footprint (WxL)   168 x 168 mm

  (6.6 x 6.6 inches)

  Compliance   CE, TÜV
  AIMS Cloud Enabled   Optional