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Robot hàn tự động được lập trình với độ chính xác cao. Sự kết hợp giữa phần cứng có độ chính xác cao và phần mềm thông minh đảm bảo hàn chính xác và chi phí đào tạo người vận hành thấp.

  • 6-Axis Soldering/Dispensing Platform
  •  Full vision mapping & Fiducial Marks
  •  Laser Height Measurement
  •  Curie Heat Technology provides precise temp. control
  •  Intelligently compensates for PCBA variance
  •  Fume extraction Kit

Đặc điểm Robot hàn TMT-R8000S

1. Unlike typical Cartesian robots the Thermaltronics Robot, Model TMT-R8000S, is equipped with full vision, (eyes) to verify the procedure being undertaken and does not simply follow a pre-determined program. In this respect it has an observation mode, a verification mode and as a result – a decision making capability. (Basically a brain). This capability of collecting and utilizing data for production processing is one of the most important factors necessary to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards.

2. Through the use of servo motors and precision ballscrews, the Thermaltronics Robotic system is able to accurately meet the requirements of high speed operation, repeatability and durability. The software is designed to transform system commands into functional operating procedures and with its 6-axis capability, solder tip and solder wire feeding operation from separate axis control, the applications extend beyond conventional soldering and dispensing operations.

3. Application programming is made simple by using full image-merging and mapping techniques.

4. Dynamic laser height measurement/adaptive control, ensures precision soldering repeatability.

5. A full vision mapping system with fiducial marks, provides for intelligent decision making during procedural operations

Thông số kỹ thuật TMT-R8000S

Input Line Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Servo Motor Axis: 6 Axis
Camera View 400mm x 300mm
PCBA Max Size 300mm x 300mm
Soldering Region Max Size 300mm x 300mm
Dynamic Range of Shaft: X-Axis 400mm
Y-Axis 300mm
Z1, Z2 Axis 100mm, 20mm
Rotation Axis 330°
Shaft Speed: X, Y, Z Axis 0.1mm – 300mm/sec
Rotation Axis 0.1 – 450°/sec
Positioning Repeatability: X, Y, Z Axis ±0.02mm
Rotation Axis ±0.03°
Camera Resolution: 1600 x 1200
Air Pressure: Max. 6 Bar / 87 PSI
Solder Wire Diameter Range: 0.3mm – 1.6mm
Controller: Industrial Computer w/Proprietary Software
Operating System: Windows 10 Professional
Soldering System: 120 watts (40 watts RF output)
Curie Heat Technology: 250°C – 500°C (382°F – 932°F)
Power Consumption: 1 KVA
Size (W x H x D): 840mm (H) x 690mm (D) x 660mm (W)
Weight: 100 KG (220 LBS)

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