OmniCure V3 UV LED Heads

Designed for use with the OmniCure LX500 Controller, the OmniCure V3 UV LED Heads feature next generation high output UV LEDs to deliver best-in-class optical performance. With higher power delivery, improved efficiency, and an enhanced beam profile than its predecessor along with a range of cross compatible accessories available, the V3 Heads are optimized for use in a variety of industrial manufacturing applications. The V3 LED Heads deliver high dosage that is distributed uniformly across the spot area for faster, more consistent cures with greater control and higher efficiency.

 UV LED Light Wavelength  365 nm | 385 nm | 395 nm | 405 nm
 Typical Peak Irradiance (Max)  16.5 | 27.3 | 27.0 | 23.8 W/cm² respectively with 3 mm lens*
 Optical Power (Max)  750 | 1,100 | 1,100 | 1,000 mW respectively
 Typical LED Lifetime  20,000 hours**
 LED Temperature Monitoring  LED temperature monitoring and over temperature protection by patented Intelli-Lamp®  technology
 LED Lifetime Monitoring  LED number of hours of operation monitored by patented  Intelli-Lamp technology
 Cable Included with the Head  Length: 1 meter (Extension cables also available: 1 m, 3 m and 10 m)
 Head Dimensions  Head outside diameter: 12 mm

 Long head length: 125 mm (available in 365/385 nm only)

 Short head length: 55 mm

 Light Source LED Class, Risk Group 3
 Certifications & Safety Standards  RoHS compliant and meets CE requirements
 Warranty  Guarantee of 10,000 hours or 3 years, whichever comes first.


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