OmniCure S Series Light Guides and Adapters

The OmniCure® S Series offers a variety of light guides ranging from single and multi-legged to liquid-filled or fiber light guides, as well as a range of optical adapters to best meet customer requirements.

Liquid Light Guide

Available in 3, 5 and 8 mm tip diameters, the OmniCure Liquid Light Guide comes in standard lengths ranging from 750 to 3000 mm. Dual and triple-leg configurations are available for multi-site curing.

OmniCure Liquid Light Guide
High-Power Fiber Light Guide

OmniCure High-Power Fiber Light Guide supplies an equal distribution of light energy to multiple cure sites from a single light source.

OmniCure High-Power Fiber Light Guide
High-Power Fiber Light Line

OmniCure High-Power Fiber Light Line provides a high output linear beam of curing energy. The fibers are continuous from the light guide input to termination eliminating coupling losses seen with standard light-line accessories.

OmniCure Fiber Light Line
UV Cure-Ring Optical Adapter

OmniCure Cure Ring allows a light guide 360° of curing power. The standard ring for use with Liquid Light Guides is available in solid or slotted versions.

OmniCure Cure Ring
UV Light-Line Optical Adapter

OmniCure UV Light Line Optical Adapter enables a focused, linear beam of curing energy to efficiently cure small rows of components, tubing and cables, or anything requiring up to two inches of line length.

OmniCure UV Light Line Accessory
Adjustable Spot Collimating Adapter

OmniCure adjustable collimating adapter is ideal for applications requiring a uniform spot from 1″ up to 6″ (2.54 cm to 15.2 cm) enabling equal power distribution for even curing.

OmniCure Collimating Adapter


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