Mỡ hàn TMT-TC-2

Mỡ hàn TMT-TC-2

Mỡ hàn TMT-TC-2 là mỡ hàn không khói dạn nén đựng trong hộp kim loại có nắp. Được sử dụng trong công nghệ hàn

  • Removes tip oxidation
  •  No-Clean compatible formulation
  •  Minimal residues
  •  Rapidly re-tins badly oxidised soldering iron tips

Ứng dụng

Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 Tip Tinners should be used when the soldering iron tip is unable to be re-tinned by using cored solder or normal electronic grade fluxes.

For best results roll or wipe the soldering tip at normal soldering temperature over the surface of the TMT-TC-2 for a few seconds to produce local melting. There is no need to use heavy pressure or a scrubbing action. Prolonged contact may form excessive fume.

The residue on the tip is non-corrosive and may be removed by wiping the tip onto brass curls or a damp (not wet) sponge.

Thông dụng

Thermaltronics TMT-TC-2 Tip Tinners are available in containers containing 20g.

Lưu ý về sản phẩm

  •  Avoid inhaling the flux fumes when in use.
  •  Wash your hands thoroughly after handling TMT-TC-2 especially before eating or smoking.
  •  Keep out of reach of children.
  •  Dispose in accordance with Local, State and Federal Regulations.

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