EU2000 UV Spot Cure Illuminator

This UV cure illuminator is ideal for solidifying all kinds of UV adhesive. This design utilizes a high focus mercury arc lamp with a reflector to create a high intensity light. Quartz optical fibers can deliver this high intensity UV light to the allocated location. It has the advantage of being light weight and compact while maintaining its ability to produce a strong UV light. The unit can employ with different kind of optical fibers ranging from 1 to 1, 1 to 3, or 1 to 4 optical fibers. It also has an automatic on and off switch, making this design highly effective and efficient.

UV Type 100W Hg-Lamp UV Lifetime 2,000hr
Control Method Panel、Foot Pedal Cooling Method Cooling Fan
UV Intensity >5000 mW/cm2 (UVA) Input Power AC110~220V 100W
Wave Length 320nm~380nm Dimension W210xL200xH230mm 5kg