Rotary Pumping Dispenser

This user-friendly design utilizes a specialized Teflon tube attachment to deliver the adhesive via the ismatec peristaltic pump without air operation. It has a built-in motor to control the rotational speed to ensure accurate and consistent adhesive dispensing and a reverse vacuum mechanism. This system is suitable for small dispensing amounts and low viscosity adhesives or liquids. It is also ideal for Cyanoacrylate as the Teflon tube can prevent early adhesive solidification and stop it from being stuck in the device.

Timing range 0.01~99.99 seconds (digital display) Action mode Continuous, Single Action
Control method Panel switch, foot switch, manual switch Timing control Glue out x1 Back suction x1
Barrel range 18~26 Teflon tube Input power AC110~220V 5W
Suck back control Motor reverse time setting Size and weight W100xL175xH80mm 1460g