ES200SR 3-Axis Robotic Vision System 200X200

ES-200 is a PC-based desktop robot that employs a camera which allows the user to view and precisely position the dispenser route. Using two points OCR technology, this system can automatically adjust the route to reduce errors to a minimum. This automatic route editor is not only available for dispensers but also for any applications that utilizes I/O to trigger the components in the automation process.
es300u1 2 es300u2 1
suitable for all kinds of automation
size W-330 x L-430 x H-100 mm, stand-200 mm
weight 50 kg
input power 110 VAC and 220 VAC
output voltage 24 VDC
I/O 16 input and 16 output
bearable weight xy-plane:8kg, z-axis:8kg
movement control simultaneous 3-axis control
travel range x:200mm, y:220mm, z: 100mm
interpolation arc and linear
accuracy 0.01mm
import format AUTOCAD file format