ACCU CAL 50 LED Radiometers

For use with LED Light Curing Systems



CE Marked – Available Globally

Consistent curing requires periodic monitoring of visible energy intensity or dose. The ACCU-CAL™ 50-LED radiometer is simple to operate and offers repeatable measurement of visible light. The ACCU-CAL 50-LED can measure visible light energy emitted from lightguides (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm), LED flood systems, BlueWave® QX4® LED heads, and line-pattern emitters.

With a spectral sensitivity from 350 to 450 nm (blue portion of the visible spectrum), the ACCU-CAL 50-LED measures intensities from 1 mW/cm2 to 40 W/cm2. A specially designed photo sensor assembly protects the photo sensor from the high temperatures sometimes associated with today’s high-intensity spot lamps.

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