5000 EC

Flood Lamp System for High-Intensity, Rapid UV Curing

Available Globally (Except Europe)

The Dymax 5000-EC Series UV curing flood lamps are designed for high-intensity, rapid UV curing of UV adhesives, UV coatings, and UV inks. 5000-EC UV curing lamps are designed for processes requiring higher-intensity UV light concentrated in a narrow 5 in x 5 in area. The 5000-EC series UV flood lamps deliver concentrated light primarily in the UV-A range (320-390 nm wavelength) to achieve maximum UV cure depths and “tack-free” cures, typically in 10-30 seconds. Dymax UV flood lamps provide low-cost cures for bonded or coated areas larger than 1/2 inch2 or can be used for small batch processing or conveyor-mounted UV curing.

The faster curing capability of the 5000-EC UV flood lamp systems gives them the additional ability to cure UV conformal coatings. They are also used for a variety of UV bonding, UV potting, UV sealing, UV tacking, and UV encapsulating applications within the industrial, automotive, electronic, medical device, and optical industries.

The 5000-EC UV curing flood lamp consists of a power supply, reflector housing, and 400 Watt metal halide UV curing bulb. Accessories can be ordered with or retrofitted to the UV curing lamp after purchase, including shutter assemblies, UV shields, and UV flood lampstands. Complete UV flood systems are also available.

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