TMT-PH600 IR Preheater

The TMT-PH600 uses advanced, intelligent, control technology to

accurately regulate the temperature of the infrared board preheater.

Three heating modes allow the system to manage both leaded and lead free applications.

 Microprocessor accurately regulates temperature
 Two external temperature sensor probes
 Professional board holder allows 3D adjustments
 Three heating modes to meet different requirements


Input Line Voltage: TMT-PH600-1 100-110 VAC, 2000W
TMT-PH600-2 220-240 VAC, 1500W
Temperature Range: 50°C – 400°C
Heating Area (W x L): 310mm x 310mm
Heating Method:
Fuse: 250V 10A
Size (W x H x D): 520mm x 380mm x 100mm
Weight: 9 KG


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