Model 485

Model 485 Needle Valve Dispensing System, Normally Closed

The Dymax Model 485 pneumatic, normally closed needle valve is designed to deliver precise dots or very fine beads of low- to high-viscosity fluids. The valve’s stroke adjustment allows for fine-tuning of the dispense volume, ensuring precise and consistent deposits. Air pressure through the valve retracts the needle assembly from the seat allowing fluid to flow from the valve fluid inlet to the dispensing tip. When the air pressure is eliminated, the spring returns the needle back to its position, closing the fluid path and ending the dispense cycle. The Model 485 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including glob-top dispensing and dispensing UV light-curable adhesives in medical-device manufacturing.

The Model 485 needle valve is available by itself for mounting into automated systems or is also available in a bench-top configuration, paired with the Dymax DVC-345 bench-top valve controller and a material reservoir (various styles and sizes available).


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