ES300VR 3-Axis Smart Robotic System 300X300

ES300VR is a new generation of 3-Axis work station with light weight design. It is a PC-based desktop robot that employs a camera which allows the user to view and precisely position the dispenser route. Using two points OCR technology, this system can automatically adjust the route to reduce errors to a minimum. This automatic route editor is not only available for dispensers but also for any applications that utilizes I/O to trigger the components in the automation process.
es300u2 2 es300u3
suitable for all kinds of automation
Working Range 300 / 300 / 100 X/Y/Z(mm)
Max. Loading XY 10 kg / Z 5 kg
Moving Speed XY 0.1~500 / Z 300 (mm/sec)
Resolution 0.01 mm/Axis
Repeatability +/- 0.02 mm/ Axis
Program Capacity PC file format (unlimit)
Data Import Type Support AUTOCAD-DXF file format
Program Platform Windows XP
Motor System Japan mico step motor
Driving Method XY:Belt Z:Screwball
Interpolation Function 3 axis
Programming Method PC software
I/O Signals Port 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs
Power Input AC110 ~ 220V 300W
Working Temperature 10 – 40 C
Working Relative Humidity 20 – 90% no condensation
Dimensions 485 x 500 x 600 (WxDxH mm)
Weight 35 kg