ES1100 Pressure Pump

By increasing the ar pressure, this stainless steel flid reservoir is able to extract the dispensing material stored inside. Unlike the standard barrel, which can only hold up to a volume of 55 ml, this fluid reservior can save the trouble of frequent refilling as it has a greater volume capacity. The user can connet the output valve of the fluid reservior with any standard precision valve. The air regulator allows the user to adjust the pressure accordingly, to ensure a steady flow, regardless of dispensing volume changes, They come in a variety of sizes. Please ontact us for more details and customization is also available.
suitable for all types of fluids
size W-140 x L-200 mm 0.5 Gallon
W-140 x L-250 mm 1.0 Gallon
W-267 x L-380 mm 5.0 Gallon
weight 7 kg