BlueWave 200 V3 1

High-Intensity Light-Curing with Patented Intensity Adjustment Technology

CE Marked – Available Globally

Dymax BlueWave® 200 version 3.1 is a high-intensity, light-curing spot-lamp system. This unit emits energy in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum (300-450 nm) for light curing of adhesives, coatings, and encapsulants. Ideally suited for either manual or automated processes, the system contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC and a universal power input that provides consistent performance at any voltage. A wide range of light guides in various materials and configurations are available for use with this spot-curing unit, providing application flexibility.

The faceplate design of the BlueWave® 200 V3.1 has an operator interface with an easy-to-read LCD display and patented intensity adjustment control. The control is important for validating an appropriate intensity range and maintaining that range during production. Intensity measurement is easily accomplished with the Dymax ACCU-CAL™ 50 radiometer. Scheduled intensity measurements taken during the production process will indicate whether additional intensity adjustments are required. This method of measurement provides the most accurate readings as they are taken through the lightguide in the actual production setting.

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