3 Axis Tower Type Robotic System 600X600

Product ID: ES800FL

This product is ideal for large assembling lines, providing a conveying belt door on the side for the insertion of your products. Using the efficiency of a computer as its control panel with the CCD, the user can easily plan the dispensing route on a computer screen. Our high precision recognition and positioning systems will automatically adjust the route accordingly, helping you reduce errors and save time. This system is not only suitable for adhesive dispensing; it can also be modified to accommodate other automation purposes. If you would like more information about modifications to suit your procedures, please contact us.

Characteristic ES-600 is a PC-based desktop robot that employs a camera which allows the user to view and precisely position the dispenser route. Using two points OCR technology, this system can automatically adjust the route to reduce errors to a minimum. This automatic route editor is not only available for dispensers but also for any applications that utilizes I/O to trigger the components in the automation process.
Application suitable for all kinds of automation
Specification size W-1450 x L-1450 x H-1600 mm, stand-300 mm
weight 800 kg
input power 110 VAC and 220 VAC
output voltage 24 VDC
I/O 16 input and 16 output
bearable weight xy-plane:8kg, z-axis:8kg
movement control simultaneous 3-axis control
travel range x:400mm, y:420mm, z: 100mm
interpolation arc and linear
accuracy 0.01mm
import format AUTOCAD file format