HLC Model 455 System

HLC Dispensing System Featuring Model 455 Pinch Valve

The HLC Model 455 system features the Model 455 pinch valve, which is designed to dispense materials of various viscosities with extreme precision. Paired with the DVC-345 controller and a mini drop-in pressure tank, this HLC Model 455 system includes everything needed to adequately handle and dispense of hybrid light-curable materials. This system can be easily integrated into automated lines or can be used as a bench-top dispensing station.

HLC Model 455 System Includes:

  • Model 455 Valve
  • Mini Drop-In Pressure Tank
  • 60g Bottle Nest
  • Air Precision Regulator with Stand Assembly
  • Syringe Stand
  • Complete DVC-345 Controller
  • Wye Adapter
  • Fluid Line Kit
  • Air Line Kit
  • Tip Kit