Digital Linear System

Product ID: ES950

This system is ideal for high-precision linear dispensing routes for long shaped products. The user is able to dispense adhesive on the outside as well as the inside wall of the products. Angle rotation and height of the dispensing arms can be adjusted accordingly to your product dimensions. The LCD panel in front also allows the user to adjust the speed and time interval for the dispensing. It can also save individual product settings on memory so you will be able to recall them back automatically when needed. The system is equipped with all necessary accessory products and dispensing controller. The dimensions of this model can be modified to accommodate the size and purpose of your company’s products. If you would like more information about modifications, please contact us.

Working Range 1400mm Operation Mode Single、Intermittent
Adjustment Height, Angle Memory 1~9
Control Method Panel、Foot Pedal Velocity 10~110mm/sec
Pressure Output 0.5~7kg (1~100psi) Input Power AC110~220V 35W
Vacuum Adjustable Knob Dimension W1800xL430xH450mm 35kg